GACC Announcement No.20, 2016 on (Revised Specifications on Import/Export Declaration Form)

[2016-05-10 16:42:21]

The GACC has recently revised the "Specifications of the PRC on Customs Declaration Form for Import/Export Goods" (provided in GACC Announcement No.52 of 2008). Hereby announced below are the updated specifications and contents after this revision:

1. This revision, supplemental to relevant documents since 2008, mainly refers to adjustment as per requirements for the columns in "China Customs Declaration Form for Import/Export Goods" such as "Contract/Agreement Number", "Declarer Unit", "Transport Means", "Bill of Lading Number", "Control Mode", "Registration Number", "License Number", "Freight", "Premium", "Accompanying Docs", "Mark/Code & Remarks", "Item Number", "HS Code", "Quantity & Unit", "Version", "Article Number" and "Customs Endorsement & Signature" in accordance with GACC Announcements No.22 of 2010, No.15 of 2014, and No.33 of 2014; GACC Decrees No.213, No.218 and No.219; other joint announcements and decrees.

2. The added columns in those forms include "Trading Country/Region", "Country/Region of Origin" for Export, "Country/Region of Destination" for Import; the "Other Descriptions" column are added with the items "Confirmation of Special Relationship", "Confirmation of Price Influence", and "Confirmation of Royalties Payment".

3. Some declaration items without legal necessity are deleted, including "Exchange Settlement Certificate Number/Approval Number", "Settlement Mode" for export, "Use/Manufacturer", "Tax Collection Status", "Customs Endorsement & Release Date," "Declaration Print Date/Time", and "Declarant Contact Info".

4. Former "Business Units" is changed to "Consignee/Consignor", former "Consignee/Consignor Unit" changed to "Consuming and Using Unit", former "Dispatching Unit" changed to "Manufacturing/Selling Unit", former "Trade Mode" changed to "Control Mode", with specifications set forth for their filling.

5. As regards the Declaration Forms, the number of commodity items therein is increased from 20 to 50.

6. Enterprises within special Customs-controlled areas, and bilateral enterprises transferring goods within one special controlled area or between different special controlled areas, shall fill in Inbound/Outbound Goods Registration List; as regards goods transfer between the special controlled areas and the outside, the enterprises outside shall also fill in Import/Export Goods Declaration Form. The goods transfer shall be declared in the principle of "entry first, exit later". The Inbound/Outbound Goods Registration List may also be subject to the Specifications on Customs Declaration Form for Import/Export Goods.

The updated Specifications (as annexed hereto) shall enter into force as from 30 March 2016, along with simultaneous repeal of GACC Announcements No. 52 of 2008 and No. 30 of 2013. Paper-made declaration forms will also be adjusted accordingly.

Annex: Specifications of the PRC on Customs Declaration Form for Import/Export Goods (omitted)

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
March 24, 2016

Source: ETCN