GACC Announcement No.82, 2016 on Direct Return of Import Goods

[2016-12-20 15:50:44]

For the promotion of paperless clearance processing, the GACC has decided to countrywide carry out paperless processing for direct return of import goods. Relevant matters are hereby announced:

1. Where the direct return of import goods complies with the “Administrative Measures on Direct Return of Import Goods” (as in GACC Decree No. 217), the importer concerned may apply on the Web to the Customs for the return formalities.

2. As regards the application for the direct return formalities, the applicant shall fill in the Direct Return Info List (see Annex 1) and submit electronic documents concerned. Where the direct return is ordered or demanded by the Customs, relevant paper notice (see Annex 2) shall be issued by the Customs to the importer concerned, and the importer shall, within 30 days upon receipt of the notice, undertake the direct return as per Customs requirements.

3. The Customs may feed the return status back to the importer concerned and the importer may check the return process on the Web.

4. In accordance with the Administrative Measures aforesaid, the importer shall upload electronic documents to the Customs on the Web as per the file format standards provided in GACC Announcement No. 69 of 2014.

5. Where the Customs requires paper documents, the importer shall submit the paper copy.

6. Regarding questions about pre-entry system operation, please refer to China E-Port by calling the hotline 8610-95198.

7. After implementation of this Announcement, where the direct return formalities cannot be operated on the Web owing to system or network failure, the importer may undertake the return formalities on paper and, after such failure is corrected, the importer shall supplement the formalities on the Web.

8. This Announcement shall enter into force on 1 January 2017 along with repeal of GACC Announcement No. 24 of 2014.

Annex 1. Import Goods Direct Return Info List (omitted)
Annex 2. Notice of Direct Return Order (omitted)

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
December 15, 2016
Source: ETCN