GACC Announcement No.19, 2017 on Omitting Paper “Certificate of Tax Collection & Exemption”

[2017-04-25 09:43:14]

The GACC has decided that importers/exporters or brokers, who have finished tax relief application formalities on China E-Port QP client-side, need not submit “Customs Certificate of Tax Collection & Exemption for Import/Export Goods” (i.e. the 2nd page) on paper during the process of import clearance. Relevant matters are hereby announced:

As from 26 April 2017, importers/exporters or brokers may omit to submit the paper “Certificate of Tax Collection & Exemption” or scanned copy thereof; if the Certificate e-data is not consistent with declaration data, the Certificate on paper shall be provided as per Customs requirements.

At the time of import declaration, importers/exporters or brokers shall provide the Certificate number in the “Registration Number” column of Customs Declaration Form. The Certificate number can be searched on China E-Port QP client-side. During the Certificate valid period, the tax relief applicant may request local Customs House to issue them the Certificate copy (i.e. the 3rd page) on paper.

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
April 21, 2017
Source: ETCN