GACC Announcement No.45, 2017 on Lump-Sum Duties/Tax Collection

[2017-09-28 16:55:22]

The GACC hereby decides to optimize the lump-sum collection of duties/tax, as follows:

1. The lump-sum collection of duties/tax may be applicable to any business firms registered with the Customs, except the “discredited” firms, particularly referring to the consignee and consignor specified in Customs Declaration forms.

2. The applicant should submit the Letter of Tax Guarantee to local Customs House for registration, and the Guarantee should cover the duties/tax and overdue fine for the guarantee period (see the Annex).

3. One Declaration form should use one Guarantee registry number.

4. If without the need for cargo inspection, the Customs will release the Declaration form upon the Guarantee for such lump-sum collection.

5. As regards paper declaration forms pertaining to such lump-sum collection, an applicable firm should, upon its cargo release, submit its paper declaration forms within 10 days or by the end of the month involved.

6. An applicable firm should, by the fifth workday each month, finish duties/tax payment in lump sum for last month.

Where the firm fails to pay duties/tax as required, the Customs will issue Tax Pay-In Warrant to the firm for the payment; where the firm fails to pay within time limit, the Customs will convert its deposit into tax or request relevant guarantor to pay.

7. Other charges, such as delayed declaration fee, should be paid prior to cargo release.

8. Where an applicable firm is in arrears with duties/tax payment, the Customs in charge will suspend the firm from applying the lump-sum collection; after the arrears are paid, the lump-sum collection may be re-applied to the firm upon the Customs approval.

9. As regards banks or non-bank financial institutions as the guarantor, they must meet the following conditions:

(1) Good in credit standing, and large in asset size;
(2) No delay in customs duties/tax storage;
(3) Having guaranteed for a firm to pay duties/tax and fees timely in full within certain period;
(4) Keeping a mechanism with the Customs in authenticating the Guarantee Letter;

10. Where an applicable firm is discredited by the Customs or its Guarantee is expired, and if its duties/tax has been duly paid, the Customs may return its original Guarantee Letter as per its application.

11. This Announcement shall enter into force on 21 September 2017, along with repeal of GACC Announcement No. 33 of 2015; the lump-sum collection Guarantees registered before 21 September 2017 may keep effective as they are.

Annex: Format of the Guarantee Letter (omitted)

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
September 20, 2017
Source: ETCN
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