GACC Announcement No.56, 2017 on Vessels, Aircrafts & Manifests Data Declaration Items

[2017-11-24 14:01:01]

In order to enhance the control over inbound/outbound vessels, aircrafts and the goods thereon by means of data declaration, the GACC hereby announces relevant requirements as follow:

1. Relevant logistics operators shall provide the Customs with electronic data concerning the inbound/outbound vessels, aircrafts and manifests thereof in strict accordance with the “Customs Measures on Inbound/Outbound Vehicles” (in GACC Decree No. 196), “Measures on Inbound/Outbound Vehicle Manifests” (in GACC Decree No. 172) and the regulations hereunder.

The enterprises with united social credit codes shall, after registration with the Customs, transmit the electronic data of inbound/outbound vehicles and manifests by providing their united social credit codes.

2. Regarding inbound/outbound aircrafts, an airport handling agent shall be registered with the Customs in accordance with GACC Decree No. 196 and GACC Announcement No. 101 of 2008.

Where the registered enterprises have registration information changes, they shall, within 10 workdays after the change, undertake alteration formalities with the Customs.

3. Turn ON transmission time-limit function on the manifest management system, to verify whether manifest e-data receipt time and shipment time (for water transport), or the time of arrival at the destination airport in China (for air transport), lies within Customs-prescribed time range.

4. The “registration items for air transport” will be added “Shared Flight No.” as optional (see annexes 24 and 36).

5. Adjustments in declaration of some manifest data items:

(1) In "Original manifest data item": "Place of Loading Code," "Consignor Code", "Consignee Name," No.61 "Country Code," "Consignor Contact Number," and No.63 "Communication Mode Code" are changed into "Main Data" – “Required” items and "Other Data" - "——" items; “Consignee Code", No. 48 "Country Code", "Consignee Contact Number" , "Consignee Specific Contact Name", "Consignee Specific Contact Number", "Notifier Contact Number" changed into "Main Data" - "Condition" items and "Other Data" - "——" items (see annexes 1, 35 and 37).

(2) In “Preplanned Manifest Data Items”: "Unloading Land Code", "Consignor Code", "Consignor Contact Number", and "Consignor Name" are changed into “Main Data" – “Required” items, and "Other Data" – “——” items; "Consignee Code", No.48 "Country Code", "Consignee Contact Number", and No.50 "Communication Mode Code" changed into "Main Data" - "Condition" items, and "Other Data" – “——” items (see annexes 2, 35 and 37).

(3) Adjust the "Original Manifest Data Items" and "Preplanned Manifest Data Items" - "Consignee Code", "Consignor Code", and "Notifier Code" requirements: "Consignee Code" and “Consignor Code" should be filled with actual consignee and consignor codes; if consignee is "TO ORDER", then notifier data items are required (see annexes 1, 2, 35 and 37).

Fill in as per "Enterprise Code Types Summary" (see Annex 40) as “code abbreviation + enterprise code"; fill with unified social credit codes of actual consignee and notifier as "USCI + code"; or fill with Organization Code as "OC + code"; or fill with enterprise registration code of actual consignee and notifier as “9999+enterprise code”; for natural person, fill with ID card number, passport number or other valid documents as "ID + ID number", "PASSPORT + passport number" and "8888+ ID code."

(4) Add "Consignor AEO Code" and "Consignee AEO Code" as optional items into "Original Manifest Data Items" and "Preplanned Manifest Data Items" (see annexes 1, 2, 35, 37).

6. In "Original Manifest Data Items" and "Preplanned Manifest Data Items", the item “Brief Goods Description” should be filled complete and accurate, including the names of goods from all bills of lading; the list should be described in the "" One by one entry. The Customs has Negative List over the contents of "Brief Goods Description" (see annex 39), making automatic rejection on the incompliant goods (see annexes 1, 2, 35 and 37).

7. This Announcement shall enter into force on 1 June 2018 along with simultaneous repeal of GACC Announcements No.70 of 2010, No. 68 of 2013 and No.70 of 2014.

Annexes (omitted).

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
November 21, 2017
Source: ETCN