GACC Announcement No.65, 2017 on Tariff Adjustment Plan for 2018

[2017-12-27 16:28:21]

Upon State Council approval, the “Tariff Adjustment Plan for 2018” shall enter into force on 1 January 2018. Relevant matters are hereby announced:

Ⅰ Main Contents

1. Import Duty Adjustment

1) Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) Duty Rates

(1) As from 1 January 2018, provisional duty rates will be applied to 948 entries of import commodities, with those for 27 entries of Info-Tech products to expire on 30 June 2018.

(2) Regarding the MFN duties for the Info-Tech products listed in “China Tariff Concession Amendment”, the second round of duty reduction will be continued from 1 January till 30 June 2018 and the third-round reduction thereof will start from 1 July 2018.

(3) From 1 July 2018, broken rice (HS Codes 10064010 and 10064090) will be given MFN duty rate of 10%.

2) Tariff Quota Rates
Tariff quota will continue on 8 commodities such as wheat, with duty rates unchanged. Therein, three chemical fertilizers including urea, compound fertilizer and Ammonium hydrogen phosphate will still be under provisional rate of 1% within tariff quota; sliding duty will still apply to certain amount of cotton imported without tariff quota.

3) Conventional Duty Rates
In accordance with China-foreign preferential trade or tariff agreements, conventional duties will still apply to the goods from the countries/regions concerned:

(1) Conventional rates will apply under China-Georgia Free Trade Agreement.

(2) The duty rates will further reduce for some commodities under China’s Free Trade Agreements with ASEAN, Australia, Pakistan, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Iceland, South Korea, New Zealand and Peru and the CEPAs between the Mainland and Hong Kong or Macao.
(3) Conventional duties will continue for the commodities listed in China’s Free Trade Agreements with Chile and Singapore and those in Asia-Pacific Countries Trade Agreement and Mainland-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, without change in commodity scope or duty rates.

4) Special Preferential Duty Rates
Special preferential duties will remain without change for the least-developed countries/regions.

2. Export Duty Adjustment
Export duties or provisional export rates will be put on 202 entries of export commodities such as ferrochrome.

3. Tariff Item Adjustment
As per domestic requirements, some tariff items will be adjusted in 2018. Through the adjustment, there will be totally 8,549 items in the "Import & Export Tariff of the P. R. China" of 2018.

Ⅱ Other Matters

To help the implementation of the “Tariff Adjustment Plan for 2018”, the GACC has compiled the following reference materials:

(1) The 2018 version of “Customs Import & Export Tariff of the P. R. China” and 2018 version of “Directory of Standard Declarations for Import & Export Commodities”, to be offered by China Customs Press;

(2) “Table of 2018 of Provisional Duty Rates on Non-Full HS-Coded Import Commodities”, available on GACC web portal;

(3) As per this Plan, relevant revision will be made to the GACC-issued Commodity Classification Decisions and Chinese Subheading Notes in Import & Export Tariff.

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
December 25, 2017
Source: ETCN