GACC Announcement No.67, 2017 on Paperless Declaration under Preferential Trade Agreements

[2017-12-28 16:30:35]

The GACC has decided to, as from 1 January 2018, promote the paperless declaration of import goods under preferential trade agreements. Accordingly, the importer, when declaring the import of the preferentially traded goods, may select any of the following modes:

(1) Paperless Declaration: the importer shall, in an electronic way, deliver original documents on country of origin, commercial invoice, transport documents, and Certificate of Non-Manipulation, and shall do as per the “Standards for Electronic Delivery of Origin Documents of Import Goods (see the Annex).

(2) Paper-based Declaration: the importer shall deliver the paper documents aforesaid as required by the Customs.

2. In the paperless mode, the importer may be free from paper delivery but shall safe-keep relevant paper documents as required by the Customs; where necessary, the importer shall submit paper documents as required.

3. The goods under preferential trade agreements, when entering or exiting from special Customs-control areas or bonded control premises, shall still be subject to GACC Announcement No. 53 of 2016 for Customs declaration matters.

4. The documents on country of origin herein refer to “Certificate of Origin” and “Declaration of Origin” as specified by Administrative Measures on Country of Origin concerning preferential trade agreements.

Annex: Standards for Electronic Delivery of Origin Documents of Import Goods under Preferential Trade Agreements (omitted)

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
December 25, 2017
Source: China Customs