China Customs 18 Measures on Cross-Border Trade Facilitation

[2018-05-11 16:09:13]

Recently, the General Administration of Customs of China, together with relevant port management agencies, issued the Measures on China's Cross-Border Trade Facilitation (Trial) with 18 articles of pertinent measures to optimize port-based business environment and facilitate cross-border trade.

In Optimizing Customs Clearance:
Five measures are taken:
-cancel the switch of B/L for ocean freight;
-accelerate the realization of going through quarantine and customs procedures parallelly rather than serially;
-further promote the customs guarantee system;
-deepen the "Single Window" construction for international trade;
-carry forward the inter-agency one-stop joint inspection mechanism.

In Simplifying Documents Procedures:
Seven measures are taken:
-adopt electronic circulation of sea container receiving and delivery checklists and port handling information;
-promote electronic management of port logistics; simplify application procedures for automatic import licenses;
-improve the paperless standards for accompanying documents;
-replace paper proxy with electronic proxy for quarantine and customs declarations;
-streamline the certification of CCC exemption for certain imports;
- simply the processing of the certificate of origin for exports.

In Reducing Port Charges:
Three main measures are taken:
-standardize and reduce the fees for port inspection services;
-cancel unreasonable charges by port operators or management services;
-continue the pilot program of charge exemption over cargo hoisting, relocating and warehousing for foreign-trade enterprises (except for those discredited ones) without inspection problems.

In Building Management Mechanisms:
Three main measures are taken:
-establish an assessment and release system for port clearance efficiency;
-establish a system for public notification of charges at ports;
-establish a complaint feedback mechanism for port clearance.
Source: China Customs