Customs Declaration and Inspection Go Synchronously; Haixi First Realizes Direct

[2010-03-05 08:58:39]

According to the news from Fuzhou customs websites, on February 25, Fuzhou Customs, Xiamen Customs, Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau gathered in Fuzhou to jointly sign Memorandum of Implementing Direct Release and Regional Customs Clearance for Import and Export Commodities within Fujian Province. From March 15, Fujian will take the lead in fully implementing direct release system for import and export commodities.

The direct release means that the local declaration customs makes release based on the customs clearance form issued by the inspection and quarantine agency in the place of origin, and the import commodities don't need to conduct inspection and quarantine procedures in the port as the apanage and port have became to one customs pass. The sign of this memorandum would break out customs region and inspection region restrict, and promote regional customs clearance mode between cross customs region and inspection region, which was the trial made by customs within Fujian province and inspection and quarantine department, and also the significant measure of promoting Haixi construction.

Li Zhixuan, the vice officer of Fuzhou customs showed at the scene spot that the implementation of direct release for import and export commodities realized the cross customs on-line check, which would further simplify the regional customs procedure and linkage for import and export enterprises, raise customs clearance speed, lower logistics cost, and promote rapid and healthy development of regional customs clearance.
Source: ETCN
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