Customs Filing of Intellectual Property Helps Enterprises Explore International Markets

[2010-05-24 14:49:16]

Since 2009, the Customs District of Xiamen of China has newly increased 77 Customs filing application of intellectual property, up 13.24% year-on-year. During the same period, the Xiamen Customs of China has discovered 16 export cases infringing the proprietary intellectual property in China, and has detained infringing goods of more than 1.27 million pieces, with the total value involved in the cases CNY 2.81 million. These achievements are attributable to the active publicity and guidance on intellectual property of the Xiamen Customs of China.

Facing the long-term situation that many Chinese enterprises generally ignore the application for Customs filing of intellectual property because of their vague concept on Customs protection of intellectual property, the Xiamen Customs of China, while maintaining the high-pressured situation in fighting against infringements in import and export, persists in taking the guidance of enterprises' filing as the focus of protecting proprietary intellectual property, introducing the filing process and detailed procedures in applying for Customs protection to enterprises and government departments under its jurisdiction, and offering guidance and suggestions on the implementation of the follow-up protection combining the concrete situation of enterprises.

With the active publicity and guidance of the Customs, more and more enterprises even local governments begin to use the "weapon" of intellectual property filing to maintain the existing international markets and to explore new ones actively. Under the guidance, enterprises actively apply to the General Administration of Customs of China for intellectual property filing.

According to Mr. Zhang, the Section Chief of the Intellectual Property Section of Division of Laws and Regulations of Xiamen Customs of China, the Customs protection of intellectual property shall be divided into two modes of law enforcement, active protection and passive protection. The filing of Customs protection of intellectual property is the precondition for the Customs to take measures of active protection. After the intellectual property is filed at the General Administration of Customs of China, the Customs will initiatively discover the suspected infringing goods in import and export and inform the holder of the intellectual property. The filing procedure of the intellectual property is quite simple, which can be entirely done through the network with filing information available at all times, and the period of validity lasts for 10 years.
Source: ETCN
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