Hainan Province's Import and Export of Agricultural Products Enjoying "Green Channel" at Haikou Customs of China

[2010-07-22 17:13:25]

On the morning of July 16, 2010, to implement the deployment of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Hainan Provincial Government on the promotion of national tropical modern agricultural base, the Department of Agriculture of Hainan Province and Haikou Customs of China held a signing ceremony for the cooperation coordination mechanism memorandum on export of agricultural products, to further optimize foreign trade environment for agricultural products, provide "green" and convenient customs clearance for fresh and live agricultural products, and build an export-oriented tropical modern agriculture with characteristics of international tourism island of Hainan.

It is learned that in the first half of 2010, Hainan Province's export of agricultural products was in good shape. During this period, Hainan Province's export value of agricultural products was USD 220 million, up 15.2%. Therein, 1,143 tons of chrysanthemums were exported, up 9.5%, ranking the first among China's 12 export provinces/municipalities; and the export value of aquatic and marine products was USD 190 million, up 12.3%, ranking the 6th in China.

In recent years, Haikou Customs has adopted a series of support measures to promote the development of modern agriculture in Hainan Province. Apart from conscientiously implementing the State taxation preferential policies to support agricultural development, Haikou Customs also built a special "green channel" for the import and export of agricultural products, simplified import and export control measures on agricultural products, applied the mode of "origin declaration, port clearance" and "virtual unified customs clearance spot of Hainan" for import and export of such products, implemented the "door to door customs inspection and clearance", "non-invasive machine inspection", and other continent customs clearance measures. Moreover, direct customs inspection and clearance is applied to A-class enterprises' export of non-tax-related agricultural products, aquatic and marine products, simplifying the customs supervision and clearance procedures, and helping agricultural-product export enterprises reduce customs clearance costs. Meanwhile, Haikou Customs set up special customs declaration windows for the export of agricultural products, and aquatic and marine products, applied 24-hour appointment system in customs clearance, and adopted "alongside customs inspection and clearance", "external control" and "marine loading supervision", "non-invasive inspection", and other patterns so as to actively provide personalized service for the export of fresh and live agricultural products.

Source: ETCN
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