Preferential Origin Policy of Dagang Customs of China Won Material Benefits for Enterprises

[2010-09-06 10:25:01]

"Since the use of Certificates of Origin, we can enjoy 'zero-tariff' Customs clearance for fresh fruits and coconut fibers imported from the ASEAN, greatly reducing the cost of sales," said Liu Wei, manager of Eachtake Trading Co., Ltd.

Since the beginning of 2010, the company has enjoyed a tariff relief of CNY 2.5154 million in the goods and materials imported from the ASEAN through preferential Certificates of Origin.

According to director of the import division under the Dagang Customs of China, Zhang Xuemei, at present, China has signed 13 preferential trade agreements, covering more than 60 countries and regions like Asia Pacific and the ASEAN.

However, these preferences are not known to the general importing enterprises as some enterprises often come to consult questions concerning the tariff preferences on Certificate of Origin.

Having no idea of the policy, some enterprises fail to obtain the Certificate of Origin before the import clearance, missing the preferences of import tariff reduction.

"To this end, we increased the publicity of the preferential origin policy, issuing specific preferential trade agreements and announcements on electronic screens for publicity and portal website of the Customs so as to provide easy access for enterprises. Meanwhile, we set up special consultation windows on site of Customs clearance and opened hotlines to help enterprises make full use of the preferential origin policy," said Zhang Xuemei.

It is learned that since the beginning of 2010, 1,834 consignments of imported goods have "enjoyed" the preferential origin policy at Dagang Customs with a total tariff relief of CNY 46.0666 million, respectively up 55.68% and 54.87% year-on-year.

Source: ETCN
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