China Customs Unveils Measures to Promote Trade Growth

[2012-09-29 09:04:04]

China's General Administration of Customs (GAC) on Sept. 28 unveiled a raft of measures in an effort to stimulate trade growth, including scrapping charges and simplifying procedures.

Spokesman of the GAC Zhang Guangzhi said at a press conference that customs authorities will stop collecting five charges starting from Oct. 1 in order to lower customs clearance costs for foreign trade companies.

Zhang said the GAC will also carry out reforms in several aspects to bring greater conveniences to trade companies.

As of Oct. 1, the GAC will expand the reforms of classified clearances to customs authorities around the country in order to realize the full coverage of classified clearances by the end of the year.

The administration will also accelerate the reform toward paperless clearances and give greater customs conveniences to companies with good reputations.
Source: Xinhua
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