Zhejiang Taizhou Listed as China's Solid Waste Import Port

[2013-03-07 09:32:50]

In January 2013, China Customs authority designated Taizhou city of Zhejiang Province as a port for importing solid wastes.

With marine economy into China's state strategy, Taizhou Bay Recycling Economy & Industry Cluster Zone is met with a new round of development opportunities, thus further animating the Metal Resource Recycling Base located therein.

The metal resource recycling is regarded as the foundation of Taizhou's advanced manufacturing industry. Over the past year, the licensed firms in Taizhou disassembled totally 2.5 million tons of waste metals, recycling 300,000 tons of copper, 360,000 tons of aluminum, and 1.1 million tons of waste iron and steel, so as to supply vast raw materials of low price to other industrial sectors.

Source: ETCN
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