Customs Minister YU Remarks on ETCN Development

[2013-06-14 14:44:09]

On June 9, 2013, China Customs Minister YU Guangzhou granted an interview to ETCN executives at the General Administration of Customs, hearing the special report on ETCN development, which was presented by ETCN Chairman & CEO LIU Changrong.

Here are the remarks by Minister YU:

1. ETCN is a pioneering innovation.

Now, ETCN, despite many challenges in its hard early stage, has gained a good startup by cooperating with the customs authorities. But starting the enterprise means starting an innovation, so the key is to build a corporate culture with entrepreneurship that focuses on overcoming difficulties in face of any challenges.

For reference, Alibaba, an e-commerce operator, demonstrates through its several years of progress that, in the broad cyber-economy, an internet-based enterprise must find its internet-based strength in serving economic activities and government supervision. Similarly, it is vital for ETCN to capture its business drive over the internet.

2. Emphasis should be placed on self-advantages.

ETCN should feature the publicity and interpretation to overseas businesses in terms of China Customs declaration and clearance policies, procedures and formalities. It has to first find out what overseas businesses are interested in and are eager to solve and then offer applicable solutions to their needs, thus getting their demands to be its source of life.

3. New development ideas should be explored.

Nowadays, with many governmental functions transferring to intermediary organizations, ETCN as well as China Customs Brokers Association (CCBA) will see more opportunities for their performance. ETCN should seize these opportunities by exploring new ideas to undertake the functions detached from the government in the form of more intermediary services for other enterprises.

The enterprise, the Association and the government authorities will maintain a flexible linkage among them to combine businesses, services and functional transformation into a new competitive edge.

4. The Customs will take more efforts to support ETCN.

Under the pressing and changing circumstance, nobody else can better support ETCN than the Customs.

With customs resources awarded, ETCN should timely post up-to-date, useful and reliable information with authoritative interpretation to minimize foreign-trade frictions and disputes. For instance, by exchanging with the Customs Department of Statistics, it can provide proper interpretation regarding foreign trade situation. In short, ETCN should do more what others cannot do.

5. Better cooperation mechanism is required.

The CCBA and the functional departments of the Customs should play more positive roles in their cooperation with ETCN to prop up its growth.

6. Attention should be paid to brand creation and promotion.

Minister YU called on ETCN to elaborately create and promote its brands so as to earn stronger status, reputation and advantages.

In the end, the Minister wished ETCN a great success.

Additionally, other addressers include: China Customs Vice-Minister LU Peijun, CCBA President LIU Wenjie, and BITCC Chief QI Jianhua; other attendees include the leaders from the CCBA, BITCC, the Customs' General Office, Department of Statistics, Department of Customs Control & Inspection, and its National Information Center.
Source: ETCN
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