China Customs "Local Release" Mode for AA Enterprises

[2013-10-28 17:21:07]

Reportedly, regarding goods import and export, from November 1, China Customs will permit the customs-clearance mode of "local declaration and local release" for the enterprises of AA rating. Moreover, from next March 1, the authority will also permit the clearance mode of "local declaration for port release" for rating-B manufacturing enterprises with good credit standing.

The "local declaration and local release" means that the rating-AA enterprises can freely choose local customs houses for the declaration and release of their imports and exports.

As per legal compliance, credibility and business manageability, China Customs classifies import-export enterprises into five ratings of AA, A, B, C, D for differentiated evaluation and supervision of them. Therein, the AA and A-rated enterprises can enjoy better conveniences in their customs clearance.
Source: ETCN
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