EU Anti-Circumvention Ruling on China Molybdenum Wires

[2013-09-13 17:06:17]

On September 12, the EU made an anti-circumvention ruling on China-made molybdenum wires under EU HS Code ex81029600:

The product description involved should be revised to "molybdenum wires, with molybdenum content at least 97% by weight, and the maximal cross-sectional diameter longer than 1.35mm but within 4.0mm".

The EU made field inspections over two Chinese enterprises: Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd. and Jinduicheng GuangMing Co., Ltd.

For the case, the European Commission investigated relevant trade data of January 2008-September 2012 for any trade mode change and those of October 2011-September 2012 for whether the import price was lower than a non-injurious price.

In April 2009, the EU started an antidumping probe on China molybdenum wires; in December 2012, the EU started the anti-circumvention probe on the Chinese products.
Source: ETCN
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