Ukraine Prolongs 6 Months Safeguards on Import Seamless Steel Tubes & Pump Steel Tubes

[2014-10-14 17:44:28]

October 3, 2014, Ukraine informed the WTO's safeguard commission that Ukraine has decided to prolong the safeguard measures on seamless steel tubes and high-pressure-pump steel tubes by six months, which came into effect on October 1, 2014 till March 31, 2015, with the quota of 9328 tons.

In the six months from October 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015, the Russian quota of the products is 6631 tons, Austrian quota is 1367 tons, Poland quota is 614 tons, Romanian quota is 117 tons, Slovakian quota is 95 tons, Indian quota is 40 tons, Chinese quota is 27 tons, and 437 tons for other countries and regions. The products involved are under HS codes 7304.29.10.00 and 7304.29.30.00.

In September 2007, Ukraine started the probe into seamless steel tubes and high-pressure-pump tubes for safeguards measures; In July 2008, Ukraine made the final ruling to take a three-year safeguard measures in the form of quota. In October 4, 2011, Ukraine announced that the safeguard measures would be prolonged for three years till September 30, 2014.
Source: ETCN
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