Articles Prohibited From Importation

[2009-02-21 16:25:35]

1. Arms, imitation arms, ammunition and explosives of all kinds;

2. Counterfeit currencies and counterfeit negotiable securities;

3. Printed matter, films, photographs, gramophone records, cinematographic films, tapes (audio and video), compact discs (audio and video), storage media for computers and other articles which are detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and moral interests of China.

4. Deadly poison of all kinds.

5. Opium, morphine, heroin, marihuana and other addictive drugs and psychotropic substance.

6. Animals, plants and products thereof infected with or carrying pathogenic germina, pests and other harmful organisms.

7. Foodstuff, medicines and other articles coming from epidemic stricken areas and harmful to man and livestock or those capable of spreading diseases.

Source: General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China