China Customs: Increasing Efforts to the Monitoring Reform Continuously and Faci

[2009-02-21 16:33:49]

Director of General Administration of Customs Sheng Guangzu said at 2009 National Meeting of Customs Directors that China Customs would continue to increase efforts to the monitoring reform, fully implement the legal management for enterprises, and provide maximum convenience for the clearance of enterprises under the premise of effective supervision.

It was understood that China Customs would establish the classification system of collection and management operations on classification of enterprises, providing the most convenient customs clearance and tax preferential treatment for repaying enterprises of low businesses risk, on the basis of strengthening and improving the existing collecting operation system on per exit and entry of goods. They would implement 24-hour booking for customs clearance for general import and export enterprises, utilizing measures like pre-classification and pre-determination of the original place, to enhance the efficiency of cargo clearance. For state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, local enterprises and private enterprises which related to livelihood that really had difficulties, the customs would adopt other transitional measures like paying taxes after clearance or paying taxes in centralized method under the premise of bank guarantee or providing the pledged assets. Meanwhile, the customs would further simplify the implementing measures of preferential tax policies to ensure the tax returned after being levied of import tax in time to help enterprises tide over their financial difficulties.

Source: Invest in China