Chile, Bolivia Sign Export Promotion Cooperation Agreement

[2009-07-10 10:28:12]

Chile and Bolivia have signed an agreement on cooperation among their export promotion agencies to strength bilateral commercial and economic ties, the Chilean Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Alicia Frohmann, director of ProChile, and Patricia Ballivian, Bolivian Productive Development and Plural Economy (Promueve Bolivia) Minister, signed on the agreement.

The agreement is also aimed at generating enterprises alliance through the exchange of market information, boosting the productive chains, performing activities of mutual benefit and setting a reciprocal aid.

Promueve Bolivia will replace the Ceprobol as the Bolivian institution for export promotion. Chile signed export cooperation agreements with Ceprobol in 1999 and 2006.

ProChile and Promueve Bolivia have co-sponsored training and market research programs, as well as three Fairs of Construction in Chile, among other activities.

Chilean exports to Bolivia reached 448 million U.S. dollars in 2008. Its imports registered 77.6 million dollars.

Source: Xinhua
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