Russia Will Raise the Import Duty on Rice, Flour and Cereal

[2009-07-29 10:07:47]

Recently, Russian Governmental Foreign Trade Protection and Tariff Policy Committee make suggestion to raise the import duty on rice, flour and cereal, and increase the tariff from 0.07 euro per kilogram to 0.12 euro per kilogram, with the tariff up 71 percent.

According to the estimate on agricultural market analysis in Russia, the supply of rice in international market increase dramatically at present. Most of largest exporters in the world have increased the production of rice. At the same time, India, Vietnam and Thailand cancel the export control. The expert predicts that this trend will lead the revival of the import of quantity cheapness rice which make domestic manufacturer lose advantage in competition.

In recently years, the rising proportion of rice made in Russia in domestic market is benefit from the protection measures of government. In the past four years, the rice made in Russia has rose from 30 percent to 55 percent, and will further reach 58 percent in 2010. From February 15 to May 15 of 2009, Russia imposes 160 euro on per import rice as the seasonal tariff.
Source: ETCN
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