Russia to Impose 28.1% Special Tariff on Imported Stainless Steel Tube

[2009-08-05 09:36:59]

It was reported by Russia Interfax News Agency that, Russia Committee of Foreign Trade and Tariff Policy Protective Measures made suggestions that related authorities shall impose 28.1% special tariff on imported stainless steel tubes. At present, tariff rates on imported stainless steel tubes are differed from 5% to 15% according to different types of products.

Russia Industry and Trade Department had completed the anti-dumping investigation on imported stainless steel tubes at the request of Volga Steel Tube Plant, Shienar Steel Tube Plant and Chelyabinsk Steel Tube Plant since December 2008. According to the investigation, it is suggested that the government ought to impose four years' special tariff on related products.

Presently, the stainless steel is mainly imported from Ukraine, China, Brazil, Japan and EU members (especially in Italy).

Source: ETCN
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