Argentina Maintains AD Duty on Acrylic Fiber Threads

[2011-07-05 09:07:03]

The Government of Argentina, published on July 4, 2011 Resolution 202/2011, closed an anti-dumping investigation on imports of simple or twisted pure acrylic fiber threads (with an 85% or more acrylic fiber content) from the Federal Republic of Brazil (N.C.M. 5509.31.00 and 5509.32.00).

The Government maintains an ad valorem anti-dumping duty (established September 24, 2009) on imports of these products from the Federal Republic of Brazil, calculated over the FOB export price. The measure will be in force from the date of the signing of the Resolution (June 3, 2011) until September 25, 2014.

Source: Antidumping Publishing
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