Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union Imposes AD Duties on Certain Imports

[2011-07-25 17:22:17]

According to Interfax on July 21, 2011, the Commission of Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan has passed a decision to impose protective tariffs on some import goods, which are released on its official website.

Details as follows:

1. Levying anti-dumping (AD) duties of 21.8% on some metal fasteners (screw bolts and nuts) from Ukraine till May 13, 2012, (but excluding those made by one plant in Donetsk of Ukraine);

2. Levying 4.8%-62.8% anti-dumping duties respectively on nickel-contained stainless-steel cold-rolled sheets (plates or coiled materials) originating in Brazil, China, South Korea, and South Africa, till December 25, 2013;

3. Levying anti-dumping duty of 19.4% on China-made bearing tubes till June 16, 2013.

4. Levying antidumping duty of 18.9% on Ukraine's casing pipes, 19.9% on its pump pipings, and 19.4%-37% on petroleum or gas tubes/pipes (diameter less than 820 mm) till November 18, 2015;

5. Levying protective tariffs of USD 282.4 per ton on some fasteners (bolts, nuts and washers) originating in China till March 17, 2014;

6. Levying protective tariffs of USD 1.4 per kg on China's stainless-steel dinnerware till December 26, 2012;

7. Levying 31.3%-41.5% import tariffs on bearings from China till January 20, 2013;

8. Levying protective tariffs of 9.9% but not less than USD 1,500 per ton on stainless-steel tubes (external diameter below 426 mm) from Brazil and China, till November 1, 2012;

9. Levying anti-dumping duty of 11.6% on some synthetic nylon yarn from Ukraine till September 24, 2013.

Source: ETCN
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