Australia Avoids Interim Safeguard agst Import Canned Fruits

[2013-10-17 17:31:19]

On September 18, Australia's Productivity Commission announced that there is no convincible evidence to prove the necessity to take temporary safeguard measures against importing canned fruits, including canned oranges, pears, apricots, peaches, and assorted fruits, which are under HS Codes 2008.30.00, 2008.40.00, 2008.50.00, 2008.70.00, 2008.97.00, and 2008.99.00 respectively, and that taking actions after final ruling in December will not cause injury to domestic industries.

This June, the Australian Commission started the safeguard investigation, owing to the large increase of the canned imports recently.

Source: ETCN
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