Russia to Lower Petroleum Export Duties in November

[2013-11-06 09:43:41]

According to experts at Russian financial ministry, Russia's petroleum export duties, currently at USD 416.4/ton, would reduce from November 1 by USD 20.5/ton to USD 395.9 per ton.

Regarding the oil from east Siberia field and Caspian field, Russian preferential export duties will be reduced from USD 208.3/ton to USD 192.9/ton; the export duties on super-viscous oil will be reduced to USD 39.5/ton, currently at USD 41.6/ton.

From November 1, light and heavy oil products will take on the export duties at USD 261.2/ton; gasoline export duties will be cut down to USD 356.3/ton from October's USD 374.7/ton; while the export duties on liquefied natural gas will be raised to USD 154.3/ton.
Source: ETCN
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