EU Requests WTO Consultations Over Russia's Import Duties on Vehicles

[2014-05-22 15:47:03]

The European Union (EU) on May 22, 2014 requested consultations with Russia in the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) from Germany and Italy.

If the EU and Russia fail to negotiate a solution after 60 days, the EU can ask the WTO to establish a panel to rule on the case.

According to a statement issued by the European Commission, the duties of 23 percent to 29.6 percent imposed on European LCVs are significantly hampering access to the Russian market.

"The trade restrictions are incompatible with WTO law and mean that exports of LCVs from Germany and Italy have not benefited from the concessions made by Russia in relation to its WTO accession in 2012," the statement said.

In 2012, EU LCVs exports to Russia were worth more than 100 million euros (136 million U.S. dollars), but exports have been decreasing since Russia imposed a so-called "recycling fee" in September 2012 on cars, trucks, buses and other motor vehicles days after joining the WTO.
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