Xiamen’s Petroleum Products Export Up & Import Low in Jan-May 2017


According to China Customs statistics, from January to May in 2017, Xiamen Customs District export and import of petroleum products totaled 1,859,000 tons, up 37% year-on-year (YOY), valued CNY 7.35 billion, up 1.6 times YOY; therein: export quantity 1,740,000 tons -- up 40.5%, value 6.93 billion yuan -- up 1.7 times, average export price at 3,986 yuan per ton -- up 88.9%; import quantity 119,000 tons -- up 0.7%, value 420 million yuan -- up 75.2%, average import price at 3,518 yuan per ton -- up 74%.

Mainly exported to ASEAN, Hong Kong SAR and Australia, plus Kenya; imported from Singapore and South Korea. During January-May, Xiamen exported 1,333,000 tons to ASEAN, up 62.8%; exported 149,000 tons to Hong Kong, up 3.1 times; 147,000 tons to Australia, up 3.2%; 93,000 tons to Kenya; the four accounted for 99% of the total export.

In the same period, Xiamen imported 65,000 tons from Singapore, down 19.4%; imported 50,000 tons from South Korea, up 65.1%; the two imports accounted for 96.6% of the total import.

Regarding specific products: exported gasoline was 867,000 tons, up 20.9%; exported diesel oil 781,000 tons, up 83.4%; the two together accounted for 94.7% of the total export. Meanwhile, other fuel oils were imported 64,000 tons, a decrease of 19.5%, accounting for 53.8% of the total import.
Source: China Customs
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