China’s Export and Import Goods in Jan-Feb 2019


Exports of electro-mechanical products accounted for nearly 60%, and steel export increased significantly.
In January-February, China's exports of electrical and mechanical products reached 1.42 trillion yuan, down 0.4% year-on-year, accounting for 58.3% of the total export value. Therein, the export of electrical and electronic products reached 631.77 billion yuan, down 0.3%; mechanical equipment reached 421.37 billion yuan, up 1.4%. In the same period, clothing export reached 142.9 billion yuan, down 10.2%; textiles 119.57 billion yuan, down 3.2%; furniture 56.81 billion yuan, down 1%; footwear 51.51 billion yuan, down 6.9%; plastic products 45.27 billion yuan, up 6.2%; bags 26.6 billion yuan, down 2.4%; toys 24.48 billion yuan, up 16.6%; the above 7 categories of labor-intensive products totaled 467.14 billion yuan, down 3.9%, accounting for 19.3% of gross export value. In addition, steel export reached 10.7 million tons, an increase of 12.9%; automobile export reached 150,000 vehicles, a drop of 5.3%.

China Imported More crude oil, natural gas and refined oil products.
In the first two months, China imported 174 million tons of iron ore, down 5.5% YOY, and its average import price was 517.9 yuan per ton, up 7.5%; crude oil was imported 81.82 million tons, up 12.4%, and average import price was 3000.8 yuan per ton, down 4.8%; coal imported 51.14 million tons, up 3.8%, and average import price at 536.4 yuan per ton, down 3.8%; soybean imported 11.83 million tons, down 14.9%, and average import price at 3051.4 yuan per ton, up 11.4%; natural gas imported 17.36 million tons, up 18.5%, and average import price was 3330.1 yuan per ton, up 29.2%; refined oil imported 5.72 million tons, up 4.4%, and average import price 3614.5 yuan per ton, down 0.2%; primary plastics imported 5.5 million tons, up 15.4%, and average import price was 10200 yuan per ton, down 9.2%; steels imported 2 million tons, down 9.9%, and average import price was 8172.6 yuan per ton, up 1.2%; unwrought copper and copper products imported 790,000 tons, down 0.6%, and average import price was 44,600 yuan per ton, down 8.2%. In addition, the import of electro-mechanical products reached 883.91 billion yuan, down 3.1%. Therein, imported integrated circuits totaled 54.93 billion pieces, down 10.8%, worth 278.31 billion yuan, down 4.4%; imported automobiles 150,000, down 13.5%, worth 49.1 billion yuan, down 6.5%.

Source: China Customs