Shanghai Import of Solid Waste: Down 28.4% in Jan-Feb 2019


According to Shanghai Customs statistics, for January and February, Shanghai imported a total of 26,000 tons of solid waste, down 28.4% year-on-year (YOY); valued at 110 million yuan, down 66.2% YOY; average import price at 4,245 yuan per ton, down 52.8% YOY.

For February alone, the import reached 4,000 tons of solid waste, down 79.5% from the previous month and down 73.7% YOY. The average import price was 5,619.7 yuan per ton, up 41.8% from the previous month and down 30.3% YOY.

In the first two months, Shanghai imported 25,000 tons of solid waste by ordinary trade, an increase of 18.5%, accounting for 97.1% the total; 747 tons were imported by processing trade, a significant reduction of 95% YOY.

South Korea was the biggest source of import. In the first two months, Shanghai imported 7,092.2 tons of solid waste from South Korea, an increase of 42.4%, accounting for 27.4%; the import from Japan was 5,914.5 tons, an increase of 73.9%, accounting for 22.8%; import from ASEAN was 3,516.6 tons, a surge of 7.6 times, accounting for 13.6%; import from United States was 3,259.5 tons, a sharp drop of 84.4%; import from the EU was 1,176 tons, a decrease of 49.8%.

Of the imported scrap metals, only steel scrap increased, and waste paper import doubled. In the first two months, the import of scrap metals totaled 16,000 tons, a decrease of 52.2%, accounting for 61.5%; average import price was 5,741.5 yuan per ton, down 40.4%. Among them, steel scrap was 15,000 tons, an increase of 76.8%; scrap copper was 823.7 tons, a decrease of 53.5%; scrap aluminum was 18.9 tons, a decrease of 99.9%. In the same period, imported waste paper reached 9,976.1 tons, surging 2.5 times YOY, and average import price at 1,853.1 yuan per ton, up 35.4%.

Source: ETCN