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Company Promotion by Internet in China
ETCN specializes in company promotion and online and offline marketing in china. Using proven techniques to enhance search engine listings and online visibility, and our government-supported resources, we can get you the traffic and business opportunities you need.
What we offer
  • Strategic Link Placement;
  • Products Keywords Optimization in Chinese;
  • Manage your account on advertising at Chinese Search Engine in (Baidu, Yahoo China, MSN, Google China, etc.)
  • One-stop arrangement of Top Chinese international exhibitions;
  • DM(direct-mail) to Chinese Buyers in different industries;
  • Brand-Union of Industry Associations in China;
  • Do the promotion on popular business magazines and outside-advertisement in China.
Why You need our services
China, with her current massive population of 1.3B people, had surpassed the global average level of Internet penetration rate with 22.6%, as reported by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on their 23rd Statistical Survey Report on the Internet Development in China last January 13, 2009. The 22.6% Internet penetration rate means that there are 298M Internet users in China, ranking first in the world.
But Chinese languages are so complicated for you, and Chinese culture and manners is so different from your country.
The Result: Businesses reach their audience at the right time, with the right keywords and message
Our Origins
The service team consists of a dynamic group of experienced marketing professionals with a passion for measurable performance in the Chinese market. Our members were pioneers in online marketing and offline marketing. Our team is rich in knowledge and expertise in the Chinese market and has been helping so many overseas companies who want open the Chinese Market to reach their goals.
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