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Ministry of Commerce Called for Adopting Six Measures to Intensify the Efforts t

[2009-01-14 09:07:45]

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued an emergency circular calling for all local subordinate sectors to further intensify their efforts to take practical and effective measures to invigorate the circulation of agricultural products, to expand sales of agricultural products, and to help farmers solve the difficulties in selling the agricultural products such as Chinese cabbage, apples, potatoes in a timely manner.

According to the circular, the impact of the international financial crisis on the real economy is still deepening further, the farmers-turned migrant workers are facing more difficulties, and the agricultural production is becoming the main source of income for farmers. But due to the influence of the financial crisis and other factors, some of our country’s agricultural exports are weakened, the domestic sales are slowed down, there has appeared the problem of overstocking and sluggish sales for the main agricultural products in some areas, and the sales price are dropping rapidly, all of which have adversely affected the increase of farmers’ income.

The circular stressed that to invigorate the circulation of agricultural products and to expand sales of agricultural products are an important part of expanding domestic demand, as well as a concrete action to study and practice the scientific concept of development All of the departments in charge of business and the circulation enterprises must establish the overall awareness, responsibility consciousness, sense of service to vigorously carry forward the spirit of " When disaster struck, help came from all sides ", worry about the worries of farmers, and will place the problem of difficulty in selling agricultural products as the current most important work to deal with it well.

The circular requested all local subordinate sectors, starting from six aspects, to strengthen the work of organizational leadership, and actively and properly solve the problem of difficulty in selling agricultural products. First, strengthen the linkage between supply and marketing, organize the direct link between large wholesale markets of agricultural products, supermarket chains ect. and farmers of the production area, and from Dec 12, start "The third term of the on-line purchase and sale of agricultural products winter fair" to achieve a smooth circulation of agricultural products. Second, increase marketing promotion efforts, and actively expand the marketing sales by seizing the New Year's Day, Chinese Spring Festival selling seasons to conduct and organize agricultural products show and marketing activities through setting up special sections, and special counters. Third, increase commercial reserves, encourage the wholesale, retail and warehousing, and other enterprises to expand the procurement and storage size for the storage-resistant agricultural products such as potatoes, and apples. Fourth, strengthen information guide, timely start the reporting and monitoring system on daily necessities, strengthen the market operation analysis and forecasting and early warning of the agricultural products, and timely release the market supply and demand information and price information to guide and promote the purchase, sale, transportation and consumption of the agricultural products. Fifth, expand the scale of processing, support agricultural product processing enterprises to expand the procurement, and ease the pressure of difficulty in products selling through the early, deep processing and preservation. Sixth, actively promote exports, increase marketing efforts, raise the standard of services, help enterprises to promote their products in the international market, and stabilize the export channels.

In the near future, several workings groups will be organized by Ministry of Commerce to conduct the research and study work in some important areas, and to supervise and assist the local authorities to do the relevant

Source: MOFCOM