1. Which division of China Customs exercises the function of compiling Customs statistics?
The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) uniformly administers the compilation of Customs statistics and externally releases at its official Website the macroeconomic Customs statistics; The Customs authorities directly under the GACC respectively set up the Comprehensive Statistics Division or the Statistics Section as required by their responsibility with respect to statistics in order to implement relevant functional administration within respective customs districts.
At present, in Customs authorities directly under the GACC, 36 have a Comprehensive Statistics Department and remaining 5 have a Statistics Section.
2. What trade modes relate to China Customs statistics?
For the imports and exports falling within the scope of China Customs statistics, the trade modes concerned are divided into the following 19 items based on the mode of Customs' supervision:
1) Ordinary Trade
2) Aid and Donation between Countries and from International Organizations
3) Donation of Goods and Materials
4) Compensation Trade
5) Trade of Processing with Materials Supplied by Customers
6) Trade of Processing with Imported Materials
7) Consignment Trade
8) Petty Trade in the Border Areas
9) Import of Equipments for Processing Trade
10) Export of Goods for Contracted Projects Abroad
11) Leasing Trade
12) Import of Equipments and Articles as Investment by Foreign Investment Enterprises
13) Trade of Processing with Exported Materials
14) Barter Trade
15) Tax-Free Foreign Exchange Commodities
16) Inbound and Outbound Goods in Bonded Warehouses
17) Storage of Transit Goods in Bonded Warehouses
18) Import of Equipments by Export Processing Zones
19) Others
Other trade modes not mentioned above are all listed into separate statistics, i.e. outside the scope of trade statistics.
3. Where can I find the HS Codes of imports and exports?
You can visit the webpage http://hs.e-to-china.com/ and then retrieve HS Codes by entering the keyword for your goods.
4. How many digits of HS Codes does ETCN provide for the Customs statistics?
Considering that 10-digit HS Codes are applied only in Customs declaration, ETCN offers up to 8-digit HS Codes for data retrieval and inquiry. In general, the client can retrieve and inquire data by 2-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit.
5. How is the schedule arranged for the release of macroeconomic Customs statistics?
The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) announces at the end of each year the statistics release schedule for the next year, with specific content of the schedule disclosed in the “Bulletin Board” at GACC’s Chinese web-portal. In general, the Customs statistics data are released once every month. To ensure users to timely get informed of the Customs statistics, however, China Customs releases the preliminary statistics, i.e. Statistics Express in the early or middle part of each month; and the formal statistics, i.e. Monthly Consulting Statistics are released in the latter part of each month.
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